Why Volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities allow you to follow the charisma and spirit of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul without necessarily becoming a member.

SO…. Why volunteer?

  • In helping those in our community who need a hand up, you also help yourself.
  • Consider the following. Perhaps….You have time in your week that is now only filled with television viewing and you’re not satisfied with that.
  • You have a talent for working with your hands but nothing on which to work.
  • You wish you had more friends with whom to talk and share interests.
  • You noticed people around you in need but didn’t know quite how to help even though you wanted to.
  • You missed that warm, fuzzy feeling you used to get after accomplishing something important.
  • You remember that when you were young you wanted to make the world a better place and somewhere along the way that idea had to be put on the back burner.
  • You believe that you keep your youth by remaining active.
  • You consider yourself altruistic.
  • You want to give your children a good example.
  • You want to fill your life with purpose.

As you see, satisfying your own needs while helping others is a very real possibility.

The reasons for volunteering, like the opportunities, are unlimited. You are invited to investigate membership in the Society but remember that volunteers are not required to be members of the Society itself.

Together, we are people helping people. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.