November 25, (9 AM – 4 PM)
SVDP Thrift Store at 2425 E. High St. And Katie’s Corner.

Greetings Vincentians and Springfielders,

With the sad passing of our long-time friend and St. Bernard’s parishioner Katie Schneeberger comes her unique legacy and a wonderful gift for our St. Vincent de Paul community.  The remaining inventory of women’s clothing from Katie’s East Main Street retail store, Kay-Teens, was donated to St. Vincent de Paul Society.  The proceeds of its sales will go toward the needs of our local poor.

Together, Katie’s sister-in law Gladys Schneeberger and other Vincentians have arranged  for a separate corner of the Thrift store to be dedicated to ‘Katie’s Corner for the sale/promotion of this (mostly NEW with tags) merchandise, giving focus to Katie’s legacy to our local poor.

We invite our Springfield community to attend our VINCENTIAN SUPER SATURDAY at SVDP for our Katie’s Corner event;  while we specifically announce it to all Springfield Catholic parishioners and Facebook Friends in the hopes that you will pass it along to your friends, family, and neighbors.  Of course, we will have our usual merchandise there as well.  And during this Super Saturday, November 25th event, (9am-4pm), we will have snacks and other goodies available for everyone attending.  Please come see us at the SVDP Thrift Store at 2425 E. High St.  on that day and celebrate the after Thanksgiving retail dream, YOUR CONTRIBUTION to the needs of our poor, and the posthumous gifts of our friend Katie Schneeberger.  In Katie’s memory, we will do our best to serve the community as she did.

Always In Thanksgiving,

Gladys Schneeberger & Casey Rollins

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